Miami’s Art Deco Lifeguard Towers

To view more of the famous lifeguard towers, visit the South Beach location page.

Miami, Florida, is famous for its Art Deco flavor and white sandy beaches, and the lifeguard towers along its coastline bring those two worlds together. South Beach and Miami Beach are both home to 29 colorful and quirky lifeguard stands that have become photo destinations for visitors to the city.

After Hurricane Andrew destroyed many of Miami’s towers in 1992, the City of Miami decided to rebuild them with flair. Architect William Lane designed and constructed the first towers and many more followed as a result of design competitions or commissions by local entrepreneurs.



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Towards A New Practice: Provocations on the future of professional architecture by Ryan Panos

Thesis Statement

The profession of architecture is in jeopardy; rethinking how architects engage in the processes of realizing building is essential to the future of practice. If architects are to remain a part of architecture, then they need to take on more accountability and risk. Seizing responsibility enables architects to regain control of processes which shape our environments. 

Towards a new Practice is an architectural graphic novel critiquing The Canadian Handbook of Practice and its relation to responsibility. These documents and others like it represent a managerial hierarchical system of practice, protecting young designers from the potential pitfalls of practice. But by doing so, it has made itself a shield that we hide behind.

This is Chapter 1 of 4



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